How do you fix your CPU cooler won’t fit the motherboard? The problem occurs if the CPU cooling fan is not compatible with the motherboard.

However, as the CPU cooler plays a prominent role in reducing the process’s temperature, you need to fit that onto the motherboard.

Therefore, there are a few possible cases where the CPU may not fit with the motherboard. But, first, we will know how you exactly know that your CPU cooling Fan is not fit when the solutions come to solve the issue.

Reasons Why Your CPU Cooler Won’t Fit Motherboard

There are different types of CPU coolers. For example, you may intend to put an air cooler or liquid cooler on your motherboard. Whatever it is, the first thing you need to do is notice the exact reasons why your CPU cooler doesn’t fit. 

Once you know the reasons, the solution that we will provide here will help you a lot.

Incompatible CPU Cooler

It may not be possible for you if the CPU cooler stays incompatible with the motherboard. So, you need to choose the appropriate CPU Cooler for your motherboard. Sometimes the CPU cooler will remain unfit if the heatsink size doesn’t sit behind the motherboard.

When you tend to buy the AIO cooler, you need to be extra careful with the size and the compatibility.

Wrong Backplate Placement

The backplate keeps the weight of the CPU cooler and preserves the cooler attached to the motherboard behind the processor. Unfortunately, the CPU has more excellent screws into the backplate’s holes. So, if there is any loose connection between the backplate and the cooler, the cooler usually won’t fit.

Faulty Set Up

After plenty of analysis, we know that people who don’t set up the cooler properly usually face the problem that the CPU cooler does not fit. Hence, you should be able to install the CPU cooler, no matter whether it is an Air cooler or the AIO cooler, wrongly installation process will create a lot of troubles.

Ideas to Make CPU Cooler Fit on Motherboard

Now, we have come to the segment of solutions. So, let’s know how you can solve the reasons you identified in the previous section.

Choose Compatible CPU Cooler with the Motherboard

To eradicate the problem if your CPU cooler doesn’t fit on the motherboard, you need to pick a suitable cooler. Hence, it will depend on the type of motherboard you own. The motherboard socket will decide whether the PC fan doesn’t fit on your motherboard.

So, you need to figure out what model number your CPU is. Then you should get the CPU cooler that matches the model number of your motherboard socket. Your older motherboard socket may not be compatible with the newer coolers.

Place the Backplate Perfectly

If you ask us to tell the most acute reasons why you cannot fit your CPU cooler on the motherboard, we will say that it will be for the wrong placement of the socket. So, to remove this concern, you need to buy the right socket and place the socket properly.

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There are usually four screws on the socket that will connect with the motherboard. Besides, the cooler will supply air through the backplate. Therefore, the wrong placement of the backplate will bring a lot of expected things with the procession.

Proper Installations

You should know how to install the CPU cooler. When you buy a PC for the first time, you may not need to set parts. But when you intend to install or replace the CPU cooler, you need to install it properly.

Also, you can follow the user’s manual in this case. Therefore, the installation of the AIO cooler is much more complex than the air cooler. So, you need to be more careful here.

Follow the below steps to install the air cooler perfectly on your motherboard.

  • Line up your CUP cooler with the backside of the processor.
  • Insert the contact points into the holes of the motherboard.
  • Tightened the screws into the motherboard with enough force.
  • Plugin the power cable of the CPU fan.

Note: If there is enough thermal paste on the backside of the CPU, you don’t need to add it yet. But this is not an issue regarding PC fan doesn’t t fit.

Now let’s talk about what you need to do to install correctly to resolve the AIO  doesn’t fit on motherboard issues.

  • Install the bracket properly.
  • Insert the bracket mountain points and screw the holes properly on the motherboard.
  • Now, install the radiation fan depending on the place in your case.
  • Place the radiation right inside the case on your motherboard.
  • Connect the CPU AIO cooler fan with the cable correctly.

Note: You have to make sure you perform the task carefully. When it comes to setting up the radiation fan, you can set up this anyplace if your PC case has enough. Besides, make sure the pressure of the AIO or water cooler is distributed equally on the surface of the CPU.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all CPU coolers fit all motherboards?

We noted that manufacturers are making CPU coolers compatible with motherboards. Therefore, this is not a fact. The CPU cooler you intend to use might be compatible with the motherboard for better performance. There may be some variations regarding layouts, sockets, and stuff. Besides, the AIO cooler may not suit the mother, allowing only the air cooler.

How do I make my CPU cooler fit?

First, you need to choose the CPU cooler compatible with the motherboard. Besides, you need to perform all the necessary steps to make the CPU cooler fit. For example, line up the cooler in the right direction (back of the CPU) and set up the screw correctly. Besides, make sure you insert the contact point of the cooler correctly with the holes in the motherboard.

How do I know if my motherboard will fit my cooler?

You should choose the CPU cooler based on the socket of the motherboard. Therefore, you can search online with your CPU or motherboard model. Besides, we can get the information from your PC by typing system information. You can also use the same LGA fan on the same processor.

Final Words

We think you realize what really causes the CPU cooler won’t fit motherboard. Therefore, you should take the steps of the solutions based on the type of problem you are facing. We always recommend you choose the compatible CPU cooler for your CPU.

It will be impossible to fit the CPU cooler on the motherboard. Besides, the water or liquid cooler is critical. So make sure you place all parts correctly. Finally, it’s all about fixing the problem, and our guide will help you a lot regarding these circumstances. You should take enough time and fix the problem so that it can’t irritate you.

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