How to ship a CPU? You can ship a CPU using cardboards, foam, anti-static plastic bags, and more. Continue to read in-depth guidelines regarding the step-by-step process for shipping a CPU with expert tips and tricks.

Well, we have provided all the information you need to ship a CPU safely. Shipping the CPU in its original box is the most efficient and safe way to ship it.

However, there are a bunch of other substitutes you can use to ensure safe shipping. Keep reading to know more.

How To Ship A CPU Safely?

You will have to be cautious while picking a CPU for shipping. Before beginning the packaging process, ensure that you have all the necessary materials such as bubble wraps, packing foam, anti-static plastic bags, and a sturdy box.

Following are the most efficient ways to wrap a CPU safely for shipping.

Method-1: Use Cardboard

Using cardboard is the most easiest and traditional way to ship CPU. For this,

  • Take a piece of cardboard and cut out the shape of your CPU.
  • Next, place the CPU in the cardboard and secure it in place using tape.

You have to be extremely precise and cautious while cutting out the right shape and securing properly with tape.

Method-2: Use Foam for Better Protection

Another method is to use styrofoams. Just place the CPU into the foam and put it inside a bubble-wrapped box or envelope.

Before placing it in the box, cut the foam according to the size of the CPU to make it a perfect fit.

Method-3: Anti Static Plastic Bags

You can also use anti-static bags to ship a CPU. Cut the bag to fit the CPU processor and wrap it with a good amount of bubble wrap. Then, place it inside a solid and sturdy box before sending it off for shipping.

An anti-static plastic bag is the safest option to ship delicate electronic products. If you do not have one at hand, you can easily find one online at a cheap rate.

Alternative Packaging Of A New CPU

If you are getting a new CPU, use the new packaging to pack your CPU for shipping.

Use Aluminum Foil

Oh, you can also use aluminum foil to wrap the CPU for shipping. Ensure that you wrap up everything correctly and fully cover the CPU case. Then, use bubble wraps to wrap the packaging further.

Whatever method you are using, make sure to make the enclosure tight enough so that the CPU packaging does not bump around during transit.

Having empty space can pressure the fragile CPU case and damage it while the packaging is moving around. Also, make sure to use tons of bubble wrap to wrap it.

It would be best if you used the original box or a box that is similar to the size of the original packaging so that the processor fits perfectly.

How To Ship AMD CPU Without Box?

Any damage caused to your AMD CPU while shipping will strip you of the warranty coverage. So, it is essential that the CPU packaging is proper and does not damage the product.

If you do not have the original AMD CPU packaging CPU shipping container, you would have to wrap the CPU in a sponge pad or packing foam. These materials are cushioning and will help to fill the empty spaces. Refrain from using a cloth, polythene, or paper to wrap the CPU.

Next, place the wrapped CPU in a cartoon or a sturdy box. Remove existing labels from the cartoon or box that you are using.

Label the box with your contact details, address, RMA number, and the number of products you are returning. Secure the box with packing tape and apply it evenly from top to bottom.

How To Store CPU Without Box?

The best way to store a CPU is in its original box. However, if you do not have a box, you can store it in anti-static plastic bags.

After placing the CPU in the bag, put it inside a cardboard box and keep it away from direct sunlight. Also, ensure that there is no heat source near the CPU packaging as heat can damage it.

Ensure Shipping Directions

To ensure that your CPU packaging reaches the recipient without getting damaged, you must use a renowned carrier service.

You can track the packaging and get delivery confirmation by using a reputable delivery service. You will also need to check if you have labeled the necessary information on the packaging before sending it for delivery.

You can also use the mail to deliver your packaging. Either way, it is necessary to conduct proper research about the delivery source you are using. A CPU processor is a delicate item and can easily get damaged due to poor handling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to ship a CPU cooler?

It is necessary to remove the CPU cooler from the CPU before shipping it in most cases. Using a bag or paper is a good way to store and ship it. Use 2 to 3 papers to ensure that the cooler is not damaged.

Can you ship a CPU in a motherboard?

It is alright to ship a CPU in a motherboard. Shipping a CPU with its motherboard is safer than shipping the CPU on its own. Remove the cooler and wrap the motherboard in an anti-static bag. Ensure that there is enough headroom, and you will be good to go.

Can I ship a CPU in an envelope?

It is a decent way to ship a CPU by wrapping it securely with cardboard pieces and placing it inside an envelope with bubble wrap inside. However, anti-static bags and sturdy boxes remain the safest options to ship a CPU. If you do not have either of the mentioned materials in your hands, you can ship it in an envelope.


Shipping a CPU safely without damaging it or bending the parts inside can be a tough job. Having suitable materials and preparation is enough to ensure that the packaging will reach the receiver without enduring damage.

If know the best tactics of how to ship a CPU, you don’t have to worry anymore. No matter, if you do not have the original box, there are more effective ways.

A bunch of packing foam and bubble wrap will be enough to ship the CPU safely. This article has already described what you should and should not be doing.

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