Corsair QL and Corsair LL are pretty much similar then; why are they different? The QL provides more case illumination compared to the LL series.

However, Corsair makes one of the best RGB fans in the industry. LL series includes a front and back holder, which QL update has lost and minted given a semi-transparent frame background.

However, we wanted to give both the fans a proper shot and compare it with our favorite Corsair ML series, too. So, we analyzed some significant factors and summarised a complete comparison chart on corsair ql vs lland some twists with ML.

Corsair QL Vs LL

  Facts  Corsair QL  Corsair LL
Average rotation per minute525-1500 (+/- 10%)600-1500 (+/- 10%)
Sound capacity26 dba24.8 dba
Airflow pressure41.8 cubic feet meter  43.25 cubic feet meter
RGB LightingSix with lightning node pro hubFour with one lighting node pro hub
  Best PicksCorsair Ql120 RGBCorsair LL 120 RGB

Oh, if you want some more precision on Corsair fans, check our Corsair QL120 vs LL120 rivalry to pick the best one for your setup.

The Difference in Airflow Pressure

If we start with the corsair ll120, it has a fan size of 120mm x 25mm, the same as the ql120. It also comes in a 140 mm version. All of these fans also include pulse width modulation control in airflow.

Among them, QL series PWM control works the fastest by .5% lead. its on and off pulls section is seconds late to both LL and QL series, decreasing the duty cycle.

However, the  LL takes greater voltage friction compared to Corsair ML series. Lastly, QL120 has a 1.5mmH20 force.

The less the static pressure is, the faster your RGB will cool down. However, LL provides a real-time max airflow of 43.25 cubic feet compared to QL120,which provides 41.8 cfm.

Three of these RGB fans have hydraulic bearing types, which makes these three best automatically. Corsair has kept the options open for 280mm fans with the Hydro or SP series.

Individual Lighting & Presets

Before releasing the QL series, Corsair made a fan survey to understand the requirements of the current market. We would say they did their math right. You can use up to four QL fans in a single RGB from a single channel which is insane.

Corsair iCUE Compatibility technology makes it easy for three versions of fans to adjust with any RGB. QL has a fantastic 34 addressable individual light settings. We could change it to any pattern we wanted and turn it into a custom setting. Also, it takes about 13 volts at max.

The semi-transparent mounts of the QL have circular LED lighting installed, which we could control. QL has the classic Corsair lighting node core, where it can combine with other RGB fan hubs. LL includes a three-pack fan set that also includes the lightning node core.

Contrarily, the number decreases for LL because it provides two light hoops, which creates a significant lighting effect. However, the Ql coming down to 16 addressable RGB lights was not satisfying after trying. It takes 13.2 voltage at max. However, you can not set more than two fans in a single channel with the LL.

The core difference between corsair ll vs ql is that the QL has led on the circle of the rings. So, it creates 68% more custom lighting than any regular RGB fan.

Performance Difference: Cooling Capacity, Noise Control & Speed

Corsair ql or llboth have excellent cooling capacity but QL with more LED settings. From our analysis, the rotation per minute for QL is at a minimum of 525. On the contrary, for the LL, the rotation per minute for LL at minimum is 600.

Rotation per minute is linked with cooling capacity. The higher the rotation, the higher the airflow it creates, resulting in a stable temperature for your computer. But high friction also creates high noise so, Corsair includes a magnetic levitation which we mentioned a few readings above.

Let’s not forget LL which has a sound level of 24.8 dba. Both of comparatively 26 dba and 24.8 dba sound systems.

Comparing the Pricing

Corsair makes one of the most expensive RGB fans, and also their website stays sold out for good reasons. In the case of price, QL is a high-end RGB fan and is recommended for gamers programmers.

But you, of course, have complete freedom to buy whichever you like. Next up, LL is entirely in the high-end range but does excellent at sound control and cooling.

Corsair QL Vs LL Vs ML

Thinking about the ML series which comes around while talking about QL and LL? Then, let’s have a quick tour of this, too.

Among the 3 series, ML creates the fastest cooling and QL the lowest noise control due to its friction. Corsair ML series fan has a minimum rotation of 450.Between corsair ll120 vs ml120, LL120 does a fantastic job balancing sound control.

Again, in terms of lightning, ML has four RGB lightings, but ML is great for noise control rather than custom lighting.

You will find the ML series a market leader and change the traditional blade fans to magnetic levitation operating fans. It can go max to 75 cfm. So, we will give a plus one when airflow pressure between Corsair ql vs ml.

And in the testing, we saw a difference among these 3 fans. The ML has at max 4.2mmH20 static pressure compared to LL, which has three mmH20 pressure.

Overall, Ml is the best option as a budget RGB fan but minus some top-notch features from QL and LL.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can You Mix QL And LL Fans?

Yes, you can. But you would need a lightning node pro hub for communicating with one of the three hubs. However, we highly recommend not to mix these as the preset can hamper.

What Does Corsair QL Stand for?

The QL in Corsair Ql stands for a quad loop. It means the LED lights.

What Does LL Mean in Corsair Fans?

The LL in Corsair ll stands for lighting loop fans.

Are Corsair ll Fans Good?

Undoubtedly they are good. LL series 120 and 140 provide the best quality cooling and RGB light setting.

Which Is Better: QL120 vs LL120?

Both are great, but for overall lighting, speed, and cooling, QL120 takes the win. LL120 does a fantastic job, but budget-wise we can say it is suitable.

Verdict Lines

After testing the three famous RGB fans from Corsair, we must say we are impressed. Each of the three lines does an excellent performance. For cooling and budget fans, we would say ML. For sound control and cooling, the LL series takes the win.

Overall, QL does the best performance of the two, but it is not for everyone due to high-end pricing. So between corsair ql vs ll, if you can afford the QL series, we recommend going for it. But the LL & ML still do a great job.

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