When it comes to GPU, MSI and Gigabyte are both good to go. While Gigabyte provides a worse consistency with designing crappy coolers, Gigabyte wins the title here with their incredible cooler design.

If your motherboard supports fan control through the BIOS, you should go for a GPU from the same brand as it synchronizes best fit to each other.

Choosing a GPU becomes a dilemma, especially when it comes to MSI Vs Gigabyte gpu. Let’s discuss in detail to choose the winner here.

Comparing the MSI Vs Gigabyte GPU

Key PointsMSIGigabyte
Production LevelProduces motherboards, GPUs, cases, pre-builts, and many more tech itemsMostly focuses on motherboards and GPUs.
PerformanceConsidering warranty and noise MSI does better.Performance and best value for the money, Gigabyte is the outright winner.
WarrantyNo warranty base (Holland IIRC)Considering warranty, It has a warranty base in the UK.
Thermal issuesThermal paste and heat issues sometimesComparatively better bet
Customer SupportSuper customer support is pretty appreciableCustomer support is not that praiseworthy

If you’re in a rush and need to make a quick deal, you can make your decision based on the chart above. It’s not recommended to make decisions faster. 

Okay, Gigabyte or MSI gpu which one to select, let’s consider some key points that will enhance your views about graphics cards.

Performance Differences

When we talk about the performance of a GPU, it is mostly based on Gaming performance. So, here we are, which performs better between MSI vs Gigabyte graphics cards.

The one-second overclocking from MSI gives you more power that your CPU and memory get higher FPS(Frame Per Second). You just need to turn the dial on or use the default Gaming app to get your PC another adrenalin shot. It has a built-in external clock generator (OC ENGINE 2) to make sure achieving maximum overclock corresponds to the setup.

On the other hand, Gigabyte GPU becomes hotter after a certain time. It works great in stock or boost condition (denied any sort of graphics card not working or crashed). It is lightweight and made of aluminum and provides a premium feeling than MSI.

Comparison in Bios Overclocking

Almost every GPU from Gigabyte comes with moderate factory clocking.

Apart from budget level, Gigabyte GPU is better than MSI. It has come up with really good GPUs within a cheaper budget range, especially pretty helpful for the Gamers.

The gaming OC offers you triple-fan cooling with very reasonable pricing. On top of that, Gigabyte offers extremely good overclocking in headroom.

MSI is also great in overclocking with super headroom and advanced cooling solutions. Especially, it provides the best value for the VENTUS labeled GPUs.

Comparing the Memory Speed

The memory speed refers to the bandwidth used by the GPU at a time. The 2 OZ copper PCB design of the Gigabyte GPU delivers massive support for DDR memory up to DDR2 1366+MHz/DDR3 2200+MH. The user can experience a higher memory frequency at a lower voltage level.

For MSI, the memory speed remains healthy till the battery works fine. If somehow the battery swelled up, you may face an oscillation problem with your GPU.

In that case, remove the battery and install a new one, also don’t forget to check the drivers where they’re working fine.

Above all, the memory speed for gigabyte vs MSI graphics cards isn’t solely dependent on making your purchase since both provide great memory speed in their GPUs.

Power Consumption

There are three sources for the power consumption at max for the Gigabyte motherboards, integrated with GPUs, if connected. The sources are:

  • For a PCI slots,the power wattage can be up to 75 Watts
  • With the 6 pin GPU connector, the power can be available up to 75W, the same as it is with PCIe slots.
  • Lastly, for the 8 pin GPU connector, you can get the power supplying up to 150W

As we’re in the era of high-performance GPUs, the power consumption is also relatively high. Measuring performance thinking “is msi good brand for you” is easier than measuring its power consumption compared to other brands.

However, MSI doesn’t have an afterburner to show power consumption. You can check the “Power draw” option among the list of data displayed on the monitor.

Comparing Price Value

Both MSI and Gigabyte have a price range of hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the performance, memory speed, overclocking, and many more CPU mechanisms.

While MSI is best overall considering the price and performance, Gigabyte is a bit cheaper. But MSI seems to be a little bit warmer than Gigabyte which is not a big deal to consider.

If you’ve got a higher budget and looking for the best one between gigabyte vs msi gpu, the pricing is almost the same for both the brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is MSI good for GPU?

Definitely, MSI builds high-quality GPUs and has quite good feedback globally. Actually, they’re one of the top-tier GPU manufacturers in the world.

Is gigabyte a good brand for GPU?

Thinking about a cheaper budget range, Gigabyte is good. When you explore heavy gaming experience, you’d have to increase the budget, and MSI might be better in that range.

Is gigabyte good for gaming?

Gigabyte uses good and quality components to make GPUs. For example, Gigabyte G1 is a good chipset paired with the GTX 1080.

Are MSI and Gigabyte the same?

In terms of GPUs, Both are good for moderate use. But for heavy gaming and a higher workload. MSI does better than Gigabyte. Though both the brands make GPUs, there’s definitely a better one according to core clock speed, OC, quietness, and many more.

Which GPU Brand Should You Go for

Considering your budget is not a constraint here, MSI is overall best because of its price and performance. Gigabyte is also good to go running on a bit cheaper budget. Customer support is also a great factor here that you can go for help if any damage occurs to the GPUs.

If you’re in North America, Gigabyte doesn’t have good reviews for its customer support. MSI has a better support system throughout any state of America.

So your place also matters a lot. Not only choosing the best one from the comparison of MSI vs Gigabyte GPU, you might also get poor after-sales support from the dealer or the buyer. So, keep in mind it’s a good factor to consider.

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