Then it is so normal to ask a question: why is my graphics card not performing? There can be a slight connector issue that you can easily fix yourself. Some other minor reasons can be standing out too sometimes.

A graphic card is the most important thing for those who wanna make their pc more valuable. This card works as a master card for users in many ways, but it becomes very problematic when you buy a new graphic card, but the card stops working suddenly.

Don’t worry. This article will help you with the reasons for the problems and the solutions.

Why Is My Graphics Card Not Performing?

There can be several reasons behind this. Some reasons are minor, and some are major. You need to know the reasons first. There are many reasons behind this.

Sometimes it doesn’t work only because of dust. Or sometimes it happens because of a loose connection.  It is not a serious issue. You can easily fix this, but sometimes it becomes very problematic when you see that the problem is not solved after checking the connection or clearing the dust.

This is the major problem, actually.Your GPU slot can be broken. Because of this issue, the card can not perform. And if you see that the problem is not solved, then the main problem is in your OS.

Know The Reasons Of GPU Not Performing With Solution

You need to identify the reasons then you must follow the solutions. This will help you to have a good graphic card performance.

ReasonsPossible Solutions
GPU slot brokenCheck the slot and change it
Loose connection and dust problemsCheck the connection and fix it
  • Your GPU slot can be broken, and because of this, it is very obvious that your graphic card will stop working.

If you see that your slot is broken, just remember that your pc has another slot for the GPU card as well, and you can replace your card in other slots. Place your card there and see if your card is working or not. Most of the problems occur because of a broken slot, so if you fix this, it will be fine.

  • A loose connection is another reason. Because of this, your card may stop working. You are playing, and suddenly you see the blue screen. Go and check your connection. If your connection is loose, then fix it then you will see that your card is working. 
  • Dust is another reason. For this, you need to clean your PC’s internal parts. After cleaning that, most probably you will find your card working again.
  • Sometimes you can face software-related problems. Because of this, your graphic card may not work.

Update your GPU by downloading the latest compatible GPU driver. Just know that GPU can consume more power, so make sure that your CPU is getting the sufficient power that it needs.

If your PSU is okay, then GPU will be fine, and your graphic card will work perfectly.

How To Check Loose Connections GPU?

If you see that your new graphic card is not working, check the connectors well. Sometimes it doesn’t work because of a loose connection. Because of this, it doesn’t get the power it needs.

So, make sure that your graphic card has power properly. Because your card is not having the power it needs, it may cause permanent damage.

How to Fix Graphics Card Problems Windows 10

The Graphics card stopped working suddenly? Sometimes your windows updates can cause problems.

If you try all methods to have your graphic card okay and see that the new graphics card is not displaying, then uninstall all windows updates. Because of updates, it introduces so many bugs, and finally, your GPU may stop working.

  1. To uninstall all updates, select updates, and security options.
  2.  If you can not find this, then press the windows keys and the I.
  3. After clicking the security option then click the get started button 
  4. , then Go back to an earlier build button.

After doing this, hopefully, your graphics card will start to work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you fix a dead GPU?

We recommend you buy a new GPU. But a funky trick can be tried. If you want to fix the dead one where the chance is 50-50 you will have to take your GPU and put it into the oven but keep in mind that the stove is not much hot after some time when it will have some heat taken by your GPU, take out and give some time to cool it down. Sometimes this trick works.

Why is my graphic card not performing well?

There can be several reasons behind this GPU issue. Primary reason is dust or loose connection. Dust and debris may interrupt the connection of the graphic card. And loose connection also causes problems because loose connection can not give all the power what a graphic card needs. And major reasons are broken slots, updates of windows, and sometimes CPU problems.

How do I test my GPU?

For this, you will have to check the device status. If you see that in device status, it is showing that this device is working properly, then your GPU is working well, and if it doesn’t show the line, then something is wrong.

How to clean dust inside CPU?

Dust is a reason for your graphisc card not to work. If you want to clean it then open your pc and clean all parts. Obviously, clean the slot. Sometimes dust problems occur in slots so check the slots.

How to check GPU slots?

To check the slot, open the backside of your pc, and you will find your slots in the motherboard. Check them and place your card in other slots and see if your card is working. Make sure that your pc is shut down when you are opening the case.

Can CPU changing solve the GPU problem?

Yes, sometimes it can. If your CPU is not working perfectly, it affects the graphic card so if you try all the steps and see no change, you can change your CPU once to check if your graphic card can work well.


On the off chance that you have had a go at all that you can in this article and still have no delight, have a go at acquiring an old GPU of a companion and checking whether that works. In the event that you actually get no identification, attempt your GPU in your companion’s motherboard and see if there is a deficient part affecting everything.

 Do not be restless. Calmly maintain all the steps and see the progress. And if you see other difficulties, then go to any servicing shop soon, and by now, you have got the solution for the question you were having- why is my graphics card not performing?

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